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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, playable at PAX

css go 

As rumor confirmations go, this one’s pretty quick. Valve just issued a press release announcing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a standalone release that seems to be a full update of Counter-Strike: Source with new weapons, maps, matchmaking, leaderboards, and more. No screenshots have been released, but from Valve’s language, it seems like more of an “anniversary
edition” of CS:S that dresses up the existing content than a full-on sequel. CS:GO will also be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Read the full press release within.
This is great news. Can't wait to see the new source engine at PAX. (Well, I'm not going of course) 


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this game!

Airanel said...

Ooo a new Counterstrike...I hope they don't change the voices hahaha those made every LAN so much better back in the day. Heck even today's LANs are not complete until you get the imitations flying around the room *Chhk*stormthefront* *Chhk*negative*

Not sure about bringing the console kids to this party though...what about you guys?

Ike Spokes said...

Damn! :D cant wait

StigmataHandjob said...

Oh I want me some of this. I'd never play it on a console though, even if my computer is pretty shitty and my PS3 underused.

Harris said...

Awesome, can't wait.

Menace said...

i loved cs 1.6, cz and cs source i hope this lives up to my expectations

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