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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook Hires Sony PS3 Hacker

George Hotz, the 21-year-old Sony hacker sued for breaking into the PlayStation 3 console, is now on the payroll at Facebook.

Facebook's hiring of Hotz, known in the hacker community as Geohot, was first reported by the technology blog TechUnwrapped, and later confirmed via Twitter by Gabe Rivera, founder of tech news Web site Techmeme .

Facebook has not disclosed why Hotz was hired, but The Washington Post reported Hotz will be working on the social networking giant’s impending iPad app.

Hotz first started making a name for himself in 2008 by jailbreaking the iPhone, which untethers the device from its carrier and allows it to run on any network, as well as run apps outside of Apple (NSDQ:AAPL)’s App Store.
Yeah. Hack a bunch of shit, then get a job at FACEBOOK. I hope he turns his back on them.
Give it a read:;jsessionid=hVfl-hrxUZx4xKgknSHsgA**.ecappj03

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well. I feel like asking a question to you guys.

I'm a huge game nut. I love them ever since I was able to hold a controller.
But lately I kinda stopped playing them,
and if I DO play one then I get bored quickly.

I was just wondering if any of you guys had the same thing?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gameplay

It's amazing looking, the cinematic scenes are looking good, And the eject seat at the end was a surprise

Tribes: Ascend Will Be Free, Certainly Tribal

Now I thought we had already posted about Tribes: Ascend being free-to-play. Perhaps it was simply in one of my prophetic game-news dreams, because I can’t find it. BUT ANYWAY, it is going to be free-to-play, and to celebrate that Hi-Rez have revealed the game in action. You can check it out below. It certainly looks like a new Tribes game to me, which is promising! Looking forward to playing this. I will be the dude at 0:26. (Although the wider picture makes Firefall look a lot more interesting.)Tribes: Ascend is apparently out later this year at some point.

About time they made a sequel! SO hyped for this!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

EA Sports Won’t Say MMA’s Dead, but Won’t Say It’s Getting a Sequel, Either

To many, the UFC's acquisition of the competing fight series Strikeforce in March spelled the end of EA Sports MMA. While EA Sports' chief of development did not say that a sequel is in development, he did not say the label was quitting the sport altogether.
"A world where we're not involved in fighting is a world I'd rather not think about," Andrew Wilson told Kotaku. "That said, what goes on in the sport, and what's gone on between the UFC and Strikeforce, certainly has an impact on what we can do in the space."
Strikeforce, as the principal licensor of EA Sports MMA brought some visibility and legitimacy to the project, although both were overshadowed by the dominant UFC brand and its THQ game, which had a breakout hit in 2009 and published a sequel before EA Sports MMA hit shelves.
What do y'all think? I like the MMA games, wouldn't like for it to die.
Those games and the fight night round games are getting better each year.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

According to new developer 343 Industries, the changes aren't just aesthetic. Chief will demonstrate some new behaviour as well, but not without reason.

"There's some story behind his new look," explained studio boss Frank O'Connor in an E3 interview. "There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We'll see in good time."

Halo 4 was made official during Microsoft's E3 press conference this month when it was labelled "the dawn of a new trilogy".

According to O'Conner, some details on Halo's 4 plot - maybe even hints on Master Chief's new mental breakdown - will be sprinkled throughout Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Team Fortress 2 becomes free to play + Meet the medic is finally released.

I'm back! Team Fortress 2 is now free to play! *** Yeah, right?

Check it out

And the long awaited Meet the Medic is here, too!

I think they get their income from the Mann Co. store now, And a lot of people don't seem happy about it. But we'll see.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii U Revealed

Again, sorry I'm late. I'm still having problems involving internet connection, Anyway the Wii U has finally been reveiled and... It's... Weird.
Be sure to click the link for more pictures
Nintendo Wii U -- that's the name of Nintendo's next console ... thing. The new high-definition system and controller pair was announced during the company's E3 Press conference , and is due to launch sometime in 2012.

  The Controller features a large, touch-capable screen, paired with two circle pads, a directional pad, face buttons, a camera, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Nintendo is positioning it as an entertainment sharing device, with video and gameplay working across the controller and your home console.

It's weird, you guys.

Here's the controller

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


First of all, excuse me for being absent for 4 days, Had problems with internet. I have a shit connection, hope you guys can help me out with that (:

So the E3 trailer is here, we're all excited, we can't wait. Edit: Bungie's NOT making the game.

Now, why would they (343 Industries) make a 4th Halo when Bungie said they'd stop at 3?
Money 'fcourse, Hope the game'll be good.

Friday, June 3, 2011

More trailers!

Duke Nukem: FOREVER. 
Yes! The launch trailer is here!

There are things that we've seen before, whatever, still excited as ever.

The Darkness II
A new trailer has been released today for The Darkness II and it's... Well.. Dark.

Not a bad trailer at all, It's always nice to see alot of gore in a game.

Batman: Arkham City
A trailer revealing Catwoman as a playable character.

That trailer. Is very. Very. Sexy.
Does anyone have problems with Catwoman being in the game? No? Thought so!

And check this blog out for more info & trailers.

The Witcher 2 announced for Xbox 360

At an event in California today CD Projekt Red has announced that The Witcher 2 will be coming to the Xbox 360.  Rumors have been circulating ever since CD Projekt let on that they would be making an announcement concerning consoles today, and especially since The Witcher 2 has been experiencing good reviews and a fairly rabid fan base.  Though The Witcher 2 is known by PC gamers for its graphical prowess, CD Projekt is stating that the graphical fidelity will remain unchanged in the move. We’ll have to see that for ourselves when we finally get our copy.
The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360 will be available later this year.  A trailer for the console release is below.

Oooh. Very exciting news, Though no fun for PS3 owners. I feel your pain.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serious Sam 3: BFE gameplay trailer

What else would you expect from the debut trailer of the new Serious Sam 3: BFE other than Sam going proper mental with big guns pointed at even bigger monsters.

We're pleased that we were not surprised by this. Serious Sam 3 sticks to doing what it does best - throwing the player in at the deep end with giant beasts charging at them with only a gun and constant strafing as defense.

The game runs on an all new Sam Engine 3, which is looking much better than previous iterations, and developer Croteam promises that battles with enemies will diversify beyond the basic arena-based swarm attacks in previous games.

What's 'BFE' stand for? It's gone unconfirmed, so you can use your own imagination.

It's out in Summer this year on Xbox and PC, Is looking really good!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

THQ hinted at the sequel to Vigil Game’s breakout hit almost immediately after the success of the first title, but we knew little about Darksiders II until now.
Fans of the first Darksiders are already familiar with Vigil’s fiction – the eternal war that rages between the forces of Heaven and Hell. With Darksiders II, Vigil looks to deliver a richer experience as players  explore more dungeons, talk with a variety of NPCs, and experiment with a detailed loot system. The horseman War has been sidelined, so it’s up to his brother, Death, to travel through the world of the Abyss and attempt to restore humanity after its destruction during the Apocalypse.

Subscribers should be receiving their issues after the first day of E3. After you finish reading our cover story, keep checking back with our Darksiders II hub throughout the month, since we'll have plenty of updates that delve deeper into the experience Vigil is crafting for Darksiders II.
In addition to our 10-page cover story on Darksiders II, the July issue of Game Informer includes an in-depth first look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2, our hands-on impressions of Sony’s NGP hardware and its early games, and an extensive preview section featuring games like BioShock Infinite, Mass Effect 3, and Batman: Arkham City.

Yes! Playing as Death himself must be AWESOME.

Source and more pics:

Hitman: Absolution E3 Trailer

Square Enix have revealed the timing and the location of the debut trailer for Hitman: Absolution with an image (above).
Square Enix have tweeted:
The Hitman: Absolution trailer will debut on Wednesday, June 8 at 10:47am PDT at E3 in the Square Enix booth 1647 in the South Hall.

YES! A new Hitman game!
I like what they did with when they'll show us the trailer. '10:47 am PDT'
Anyone else excited?


Call of Duty: Elite?


Find the players YOU want to play Call of Duty with. Connect with online friends, co-workers, classmates or meet new Call of Duty players.


Test your skills in tournaments and events designed for players of all skill levels. Compete for awesome virtual and real-world prizes!


Get the tools to elevate your Call of Duty game. Access your personal stats, view exclusive strategy videos and get detailed intel on maps, weapons, and more.
Call of duty Elite is an innovative new online service that enriches gamers' Call of Duty multiplayer experience.

Sounds alot like Bungie's website.
Is it really necessary? for Call of Duty?
No. It's a simple, fun and addicting first person shooter.

But if you're interested, you can join the beta at