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Friday, June 3, 2011

More trailers!

Duke Nukem: FOREVER. 
Yes! The launch trailer is here!

There are things that we've seen before, whatever, still excited as ever.

The Darkness II
A new trailer has been released today for The Darkness II and it's... Well.. Dark.

Not a bad trailer at all, It's always nice to see alot of gore in a game.

Batman: Arkham City
A trailer revealing Catwoman as a playable character.

That trailer. Is very. Very. Sexy.
Does anyone have problems with Catwoman being in the game? No? Thought so!

And check this blog out for more info & trailers.


Doc_Waffles said...

The other two are sweet but it's DUKE NUKEM, it's just another shooter but the 17 year wait around it is such an awesome story.

Legitcheater said...

Yeah, for in the history books haha

Tomás Franco Ramos said...

Woa! Duke NUkem looks Terrorific, but what about ps3?
its only on xbox360?

Breakingbrokers said...

Cant wait for duk nukem.

LiquorKing said...

still blows my mind the launch is actually happening

The East Man said...

All of these games look great

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