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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook Hires Sony PS3 Hacker

George Hotz, the 21-year-old Sony hacker sued for breaking into the PlayStation 3 console, is now on the payroll at Facebook.

Facebook's hiring of Hotz, known in the hacker community as Geohot, was first reported by the technology blog TechUnwrapped, and later confirmed via Twitter by Gabe Rivera, founder of tech news Web site Techmeme .

Facebook has not disclosed why Hotz was hired, but The Washington Post reported Hotz will be working on the social networking giant’s impending iPad app.

Hotz first started making a name for himself in 2008 by jailbreaking the iPhone, which untethers the device from its carrier and allows it to run on any network, as well as run apps outside of Apple (NSDQ:AAPL)’s App Store.
Yeah. Hack a bunch of shit, then get a job at FACEBOOK. I hope he turns his back on them.
Give it a read:;jsessionid=hVfl-hrxUZx4xKgknSHsgA**.ecappj03


braumaman said...

I saw this. Smart hire tbh.

Godotofwar said...

Expecting Twitter hacked, Xbox live hacked, Myspace... left alone

The Liquor Guy said...

This kinda does make sense. Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Btw what the fuck is a Myspace?

3DS-Games said...

Not a bad job

yowillyjj said...

Id hire him.

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