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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serious Sam 3: BFE gameplay trailer

What else would you expect from the debut trailer of the new Serious Sam 3: BFE other than Sam going proper mental with big guns pointed at even bigger monsters.

We're pleased that we were not surprised by this. Serious Sam 3 sticks to doing what it does best - throwing the player in at the deep end with giant beasts charging at them with only a gun and constant strafing as defense.

The game runs on an all new Sam Engine 3, which is looking much better than previous iterations, and developer Croteam promises that battles with enemies will diversify beyond the basic arena-based swarm attacks in previous games.

What's 'BFE' stand for? It's gone unconfirmed, so you can use your own imagination.

It's out in Summer this year on Xbox and PC, Is looking really good!



oinyo said...

Very cool vids! Thank you for sharing

mediocreatleast said...

Saw this yesterday, very stoked, and very much so looking forward to Serious Sam's release.

Mike said...

I loved Serious Sam, fun ass game!

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