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Monday, March 5, 2012

Valve console: Valve Controller?

Gabe Newell already once said in an interview that Valve also wanted to make hardware, but it wasn't sure if that would ever happen, He said that they definitely wanted to do that someday.

Here's a patent that's been applied in may 2011.The patent is held by three employees of Valve.

Special to the controller is that it is "modular". You could plug in different devices. A traditional joystick, a touch pad, a trackball or a microphone, for example.

 It also seems that had filed a patent four months earlier for a controller with biofeedback. Perhaps that technology could be used in one of those devices.

It is also a patent in the name of three people and the controller consists of three parts. If we look at Valve's experience with the number 3, we might now decide that this controller will never appear?


YeamieWaffles said...

As cool as a Valve console would be I'm not sure if it would be successful in the market. They're probably better sticking with what they do best.

feathers said...

I wish they would just spend their time making an IRL portal gun....

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