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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paradox Interactive announces three new games

Mystery works very well in creating curiosity.
Paradox Interactive realizes that very well. They let us know that next month three new games will be proposed and gave with each one some info.

The first project, JFK, is being developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, the makers of Magicka. It is described as "a multiplayer game with a very fast tempo, where you have to murder your friends as cool as possible.

Revenge, developed by Critical Studio, is an action game and a "murder hole for both heroes and children."

Finally, there is Silverado, where the team of Zeal Game Studio is working on.
This game is said to be not only a mix of a shooter and an RTS but also contains elements of both science fiction and war board games.

All these games will be previewed at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco.
It is clear that until then Paradox will say nothing much about these games.

The studio has also let us know that the games War of the Roses and A Game of Dwarves will also be presented.


YeamieWaffles said...

Great news man, Revenge and JFK in particular sound like must buy games, cool stuff to say the very least.

Shaw said...

I'll look forward to hearing more about them all!

Feathers said...

Silverado seems interesting.

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