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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Activision confirms next COD will have premium online features

Fans of Call of Duty (COD) can count the last game released in the series as a turning point. Until now you could buy the game, take it home, and play it online and offline to your heart’s content without spending another dollar while experiencing the full game (map packs excluded, of course). With the next game in the series, that is no longer going to be the case.
 During a Q1 earnings call held yesterday, Activision confirmed that the next COD release will come with premium online features.
 That means buying the game will not be the end of your spending in order to experience all that COD has to offer in terms of multiplayer features.

Activision has not revealed specifics about what premium features means other than to say it will be “further online monetization.” That translates to gamers paying for more than just map packs this time round, and could even see them having to sign-up for a subscription.

GAH! Activision are a bunch of sombitches, As if they didn't have enough money.
They're only ruining the series more and more with every game...



Jeff said...

Dammit it better not be too many features that would make the game lame if you didn't have them

Legitcheater said...

I think it'll be stuff like red dot + ACOG on the same rail or something. I don't know, Activision just hit a new low. (Heh, that rhymed)

kerplunk805 said...

My expectations are very low. May end up renting it just to play the campaign, but that's about it.

JkF50 said...

I have given up with the COD series all together, I think Modern Warfare 1 was the last half decent one. But that's just my opinion!

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