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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Goes Free and Online Only This Summer

This isn't Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, but it may be better, delivering tactical action and fast-paced play in an online only, free-to-play computer game.

Ghost Recon Online goes into beta this summer with plans for a broader release in the second half of the year, and from what I played I can't wait to spend more time with it.

The PC-only game is a third-person, cover-based tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Singapore. In the game, players choose between a number of different classes and can upgrade and modify their weapons and abilities to finely tune their gameplay.

The demo I got my hands gave me a chance to check out three classes: Assault, Recon and Specialist.

Each of the game's classes has a specific style of play, and much more importantly, a special ability. The Assault class is a balanced soldier with a "blitz" special ability that allows him to deploy a shield and then charge at an enemy and knock them down. The recon class is a sniper-equipped, stealth class with a heart beat sensor that emits a detection wave that locates enemies in real time. The enemies show up as silhouettes that you can see across maps and through walls. Finally, the specialist is equipped with an "AEGIS shield" which acts sort of like a bubble shield.

Sounds interesting. Who's getting it?



Legitcheater said...

Let me know what you think, ofcourse!

Jesse Crows said...

im definitely getting it!!

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