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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Epic announced their new game 'Fortnite'

Epic announced a new game over the weekend called Fortnite. It’ll have a Team Fortress 2-esque art style and, according to Epic, is directly inspired by Notch’s indie block builder, Minecraft.

It looks like Fortnite will revolve around building forts to hold off waves of enemies that attack during the 'nite'.

In a tweet spotted by Eurogamer, Lead Designer Lee Perry says: “Minecraft was an inspiration for sure.”

Perry also says that chances are high that “weapon crafting/traps, lvl system, underground exploration, Boss fights, team survival mode,” and “rare loot” will be part of the game. He also tweets to say that Fortnite’s building system is “not scripted or just boarding up existing structures,” but won’t be completely free form. “Minecraft let’s you build ANYTHING, we are focusing on constructing ‘buildings’ specifically” he says.

Epic apparently haven’t yet decided a release window or platforms for the game.

I hope that they will release it on PC, I think Minecraft-type games are always the best when played on a PC

Just like Minecraft, it looks like you'll build during the day and cower in/defend your fort overnight.


Benny said...

Oh wow. Looking forward to this.

I've been an avid Minecraft player for some time now.

YeamieWaffles said...

I never got around to playing Minecraft but this looks absolutely excellent to me, here's hoping it gets released on PC too.

Anonymous said...

Looks really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Definatly something I'm looking forward to.

Otter said...

Looks like it will be worth a try.

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