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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Am I the only one that didn't buy Modern Warfare 3?

Last year, when Modern Warfare 2 came out, I waited in line at the gaming store at midnight.
On a tuesday! Needless to say I stayed home the day after, playing the campaign like a crazy MFer, And I have to say that the story went downhil from there. I mean, WW3!
I've lost some interest in games since then. The only games I'm really excited in at the moment are Skyrim and Skyward Sword. (Yes, Skyward Sword).

Did you buy Modern Warfare 3? How is it? What games are you planning on getting next?


Anonymous said...

You're not alone, I decided not to buy it as well.

YeamieWaffles said...

I didn't buy it either buddy. Probably since I don't have a console currently and have lost passion for gaming just like you have!

Timon said...

I also didn't buy it...


Anonymous said...

I'm goig to buy it with some friends, for multiplayer purposes only I just didn't played the MW2 single mode yet, and I have it since the release day.

Otter said...

Glad I stumbled across thig blog. I didn't get the game either. Maybe I'll get it eventually. Followed.

heddin said...

I figured I'd load up any other game with a gun in it and get eh same experience without a hit to the wallet, so yeah, I didn't buy it either.

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